TC 9.4. Control Education


Welcome to the IFAC TC 9.4. Control Education web pages. For recent news. minutes of meetings and announcements please look in the news tab.

Going forward, the most important activities for this committee are the following.

  1. The prime project for the committee for the next few years has been agreed as the survey and compilation of worldwide opinions on what constitutes a good curriculum for engineers doing just one or two courses in control related content. Current work focuses on questionnaire design.
  2. There will also several education sessions at Control 2018 to which all are welcome.
  3. Planning and support for the next symposium on advances in control education to be run in the two days before the American Control Conference in 2019, at the same venue, with Bozenna as chair
  4. Planning for contributions to the next IFAC world congress.
For longer term planning, we hope to run an internet based control education event in 2021, possibly alongside or embedded within another event, and in 2022 the regular symposium on advances in control education. Anyone who is interested in hosting one of these is encouraged to make contact with the TC chair.