The IFAC Technical Committe TC 6.2. on Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing promotes the research on and the application of advanced process modeling, state estimation and parameter identification, control and optimization, soft sensing, performance monitoring, fault detection and diagnosis, supervisory control, data mining and statistical analyses, artificial intelligence techniques, automation, instrumentation, measurement technology, robotics and mechatronics, production planning, distribution and logistics in the fields of mining, minerals and metal processing. Processes of interest include any pilot-scale as well as production-scale plant in the mining, mineral and metal industry. The considered fields of application cover any kind of mining operation, mineral processing, production of ferrous & non-ferrous metal, ore preparation, flotation, iron making, steel making, casting, hot/cold rolling, forming, forging, heat treatment, annealing, surface treatment, galvanizing, protective coating, welding, manufacturing, assembling, metal recycling processes, waste treatment,  transport, haulage, power generation & supply as well as energy and environmental issues in the MMM industry. TC 6.2 supports research and development, education and technology transfer in all these areas by its activities.