This technical committee deals with the design, analysis, evaluation and integration of components, such as sensors, actuators and instruments, and embedded systems technologies for advanced control and measurement applications. Topics of interest include: micro-sensor and micro-actuators; MEMS, virtual instruments, communication and automation networks, and field-buses. Also addressed are components and instruments diagnosis, self-diagnosis, auto-configuration, measurement validation, data fusion, learning, fault tolerance, control and soft computing, signal and image processing, and real time constraints and communication networks.

Other new and important topics of interest for the TC are Wireless Sensors and Actuator Networks (WSAN), fusion of data and information and development of perception methodologies.

TC 4.1. is interested to identify and promote new methods and new technologies for control applications in the context of the high dynamics of ICT evolution. Its priorities are including the development of new instruments and tools to design embedded systems for control, to implement new methodologies for co-design and to analyze the possibility to integrate embedded controllers in large scale networks of control systems.

One of the newest and most interesting topics with which this TC is dealing is "Cyber-Physical Systems" (CPS). Analysis of the CPS concept impact on control techniques and integration of verification and validation methodologies dedicated to CPS are representing areas of interest for TC 4.1. 

Short Scope

Deals with components (sensors, actuators and instruments) and technologies (generic methodologies, techniques, new developments, and subsystems) for control systems dedicated to a large varieties of systems (small&large scale, networked) and applications.


  • sensor, actuator, controller, extended and programmable controller
  • methodologies and new technologies for small and large scale control applications
  • diagnosis and self-diagnosis techniques
  • intelligent control system architecture, smart sensors and actuators, Wireless Sensors and Actuator Networks
  • intelligent methodologies for control applications